Alexander Weide

Houdini User Groups bring together artists to talk about their experiences working with Houdini's node-based workflow in production.
Now HUGS from around the world are coming together to create a series of online presentations.

Here is a schedule of upcoming presentations. This list will grow as more HUGs join in.

VHUG | Vancouver

June 24 | 7 PM PST

Franco Pizzani

THUG | Toronto

June 26 | 1 PM EDT

Anatolii Iudanov | XAPKOHHEH & Alexey Vanzhula  

LAHUG | Los Angeles

July 8 | 5 PM PDT/8 PM EDT

Arnold Song 

SPHUG | São Paulo

July 15 | 7 PM BRT/6 PM EDT

Guilherme Casagrandi & Fabricio Chamon  


Recordings of each talk will be posted here soon after the presentation date.

VHUG | Vancouver

Franco Pizzani | 7:00  PM PST | June 24

We will take a look at a simple traffic simulation system built in a popnet using VEX. We will start by quickly going over a reynolds boids setup showcasing some of the principles of crowds simulation, and we will learn about some useful VEX functions and ways to interact with other particles in the simulation. Then we will move into the traffic simulation itself and we will see how making use of modular functionality snippets make for a versatile and scalable setup.    

Franco Pizzani is a 3D artist working on games for several years. Transitioned into Houdini a little over a year ago by going to school in Vancouver. Recently worked as a VFX artist at Method and just started a new job as a Technical Artist at Applied Intuition.

Ivan deWolf | 7:40 PM PST | June 24

After buying a toy drawing machine, I could not find a good system to build gcode for it from an SVG file, so I made a system that generates gcode for a drawing machine directly from a python SOP, and have generated several ballpoint pen plots from Houdini using the system. The presentation will touch on CNC software toolchains and file formats, Houdini python coding, and a running machine and sample generated drawings will be shown, and source code will be provided.

Ivan DeWolf started his career in 1994 working on films using Side Effects software tools. He taught himself how to code, and started a software and visual effects production company called Martian Labs. Martian Labs sold ocean surface simulation tools and other systems to DD, R&H, Asylum, and other companies. He now works at Sony as a software engineer.

THUG | Toronto

1 PM  EDT | June 26

Come hang with us next Friday, as we talk with XAPKOHHEH (otherwise known as Anatolii Iudanov) and Alexey Vanzhula. There will be excessive laughter, talking about 3D, stories from the past, and also there will be a presentation from XAPKOHHEH, revolving pyro and vellum. What about those two things? Well you have will to join in to find out :)!  

Anatolii Iudanov In a time of ancient gods, warlords and kings, a land in turmoil cried out for a hero. He was Xapkohheh, a mighty princess forged in the heat of deadlines. The power...the passion...the danger. Xapkohheh possessed a strength the world had never seen – a strength surpassed only by the power of his heart. He journeyed the Earth – fixing pipelines and battling the tasks of his wicked stepmother, Hera, the all-powerful queen of bad clients. But wherever there was evil, wherever an innocent FX artist would suffer, there would be Xapkohheh.

Alexey Vanzhula is the creator of the modeling toolset "Modeler", which is a collection of specialized tools geared towards interactive modelers, in Houdini. Alexey has designed a UI and menus for accessing these tools and offers a workflow that blends both Houdini non-destructive environment, with high interactivity (more common amongst traditional 3D modeling packages apps). Prior to Houdini, Alexey was using Maya for 13 years. 

LAHUG | Los Angeles

5 PM PDT  / 8 PM EDT | July 8

 This presentation will cover the entire workflow of a Houdini cinematic project, titled "Escape", under a tight production schedule. It will include planning, modeling, FX, and final rendering in Solaris.

Arnold Song is currently an FX intern at SideFX and a teaching fellow at New York Film Academy - Los Angeles. He specializes in making cool effects and procedural models in Houdini.


SPHUG | São Paulo

7 PM BRT  / 6 PM EDT | July 15

 In this presentation we will show some uses of CHOPs in the areas of music, MIDI and constraints and how It can improve workflows.


Guilherme Casagrandi is a Mathematician and Technical Director who has been working for more than 10 years with Houdini. Founder of the 3d FX Studio HardcoreFX and teacher at Brave CG School.


Fabricio Chamon is a 3D Artist and Technical Director with more than 15 years of experience, currently working as a freelancer for companies worldwide.