KineFX/APEX Workflow

This scene file shows the KineFX/APEX Workflow demonstrated in the video shown above. This setup takes motion capture and retargets it to Electra then adds in the chicken on a motion path. This shows how you can combine KineFX retargeting workflows with keyframe animation using APEX.

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Esther Trilsch is a Senior Character TD at SideFX. She started her career as a character TD apprentice at Walt Disney Animation Studios working on Zootopia, and worked at RiseFX as a Character Supervisor and Pipeline TD. Combining her focus for both the creative side of anatomy and deformation, as well as the technical side of RnD, she found her sweet spot in the building of innovative structures and tools for character workflows.

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  • fusion9 2 週間, 4 日 前  | 

    Great! exiting to look into this one as well, I've been learning a lot from the Electra example.

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