Crash log?

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Thx for this plugin guys, you're doing great job!

How can we help you with crashes? After crash, UE offer to send feedback to Epic, which is ok, but i'm sure you'll be more interested in this crash log.

My setup: Win 8.1x64 | Houdini 14.0.291 | UE 4.7.3.

I've downloaded asset Haunted Staircase from Orbolt, it loads fine in UE, and parameters also works, but crashes every time i hit Play button. :roll:
Aleksei Rusev
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The easiest way would probably be to copy/paste text from inside UE4 crash dialog to us.

I tried the haunted staircase asset from Orbolt and I can't seem to reproduce the crash when going into playmode (14.0.291, UE 4.7.3, Win 7 x64).

Does it happen with any other assets? Or just this one?
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