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Hello all!

I'm trying to figure out the Extra Image planes system in mantra.

Essentially what I'm trying to achieve is to give each ray type as a separate layer in the exr's for the compositors to recombine themselves.

I'm having a few issues with a few of the AOVs coming out blank:

- All the “indirect” AOVs that come out by default are black. This makes no sense to me since my ray bounces are on at least 2 for all of the ray types, there are definitely secondary rays bouncing around in the scene, but there's no way for me to actually check either since the AOV is coming out blank in both the renderveiw and the saved exr.

- All the SSS AOVs (except for sss_clr, the raw unprocessed color) are coming out blank. I found a slight workaround by diving into the surface_model node and forcing the final node in the SSS netbox to export into the “sss_clr” export thats already there. It seems to give something I want but I have a feeling it's not what the final SSS should look like.

What I have got working is exporting mattes and the custom shader variables I've made, it's the default ones I'm having problems with.

Is there something I'm missing somewhere in order to get all those seperate rays?
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“- All the SSS AOVs (except for sss_clr, the raw unprocessed color) are coming out blank.”

Since H15 I also have this problem.
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