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Note, I do not work for SideFX. I just use the plugin and hope to contribute at some point.

While this forum is (and should remain) the central hub for discussions and questions about the Houdini Unreal plugin, remember that plugin development happens entirely in the open and you can see exactly what's happening on GitHub.

SideFX issues RFE tracking numbers, but remember those issues are only visible to you and SideFX - they miss out on any community input and collaborative development.

With increasing use of the plugin and growing potential for contributing back (open-source), I'd love for us to make use of Github Issue tracking and Github Pull Requests.

When you ask a question that results in new work (either to fix a bug, or to add a new feature), please consider opening up a Github issue alongside the forum thread you create here and any optional RFEs. It can be as simple as copy-pasting a link back to a forum thread over here.

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