Houdini to Different Software Axis Conversion Lookup Table

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Lookup table format:

Target Software
Coordinate System
Vector conversion formula (target vector expressed in Houdini's coordinates) = {...}
Quaternion conversion formula (target quaternion expressed in Houdini's coordinates) = {...}

Reference Houdini vector = {x, y, z}
Reference Houdini quaternion = {x, y, z, w} (order: imaginary components i, j, k, real component w)

Target Coordinate Systems:

Houdini, Maya, Substance Painter, Modo, Godot, Marmoset Toolbag, OpenGL
Right-handed Y-Up or Y-X-Z clockwise
Vector conversion formula = {x, y, z}
Quaternion conversion formula = {x, y, z, w}

3ds Max, Blender, CRYENGINE, AutoCAD, Source, SketchUp
Right-handed Z-Up or Z-Y-X clockwise
Vector conversion formula = {x, -z, y}
Quaternion conversion formula = {x, -z, y, w}

Unity, ZBrush, Cinema 4D, LightWave, DirectX
Left-handed Y-Up or Y-Z-X clockwise
Vector conversion formula = {-x, y, z}
Quaternion conversion formula = {x, -y, -z, w}

Unreal Engine
Left-handed Z-Up or Z-X-Y clockwise
Vector conversion formula = {x, z, y}
Quaternion conversion formula = {-x, -z, -y, w}
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Thanks for posting. This is great information.

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This is great but I honestly have no idea how to actually apply the information provided here. Ive been trying to do this with a transform node and Im just getting confused. Maybe Ill try to do work out how to do this with vex.
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