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Extract Vertex Painting informations from UE into my HDA 2023年3月16日5:07

julien costard
Hey folks !

I try to deal with some stuff since yesterday at my work, i'm really stuck and need help.

To resume :

Actually i have an HDA running in UE4.
I give him some objects inputs.

I need to extract the Vertex Color of theses objects.

But i can't figure out how to deal with that.

-I have paint vertex color inside UE, on the original mesh.
-I have also paint vertex color directly on my HDA.
The two won't work, i can't extract vertex color from it.

I have the sensation that it's ok from houdini to ue, but not the inverse.

Maybe this is not possible.Maybe some of you have the anwser.
It's someone can help me, it'll be very very cool and you probably going to save my day.

Could you promote the Vertex Color information from Unreal to Point? 'Attribute Promote' Vertex (Unreal) to Point for Houdini to read? Then promote it back to Vertex for Unreal to read again? This would have to be in the HDA.

How to create unevenly distributed points along a curve? 2023年3月16日4:35

There's also the labs progressive resample and labs resample by density sops, handy.
Hi Matt, thanks for the information on those nodes, I didn't know they existed. I tried them both out, and they get me close to what I need just not close enough. I am currently testing it with a tube that is 1 unit, 3 units and 5 units in length.

When I input the resolution scale to either 1, 3 or 5 it will always match 2 of 3 unit lengths. One of them is always off in length. I may be missing something at the moment or it may just a limitation. I may just have to only have two different unit lengths of geometry.


How to create unevenly distributed points along a curve? 2023年3月16日4:28

I had the time to implement one of my ideas today. I'm not entirely sure if I understand you correctly, but if exact segment length is what you want (for copying rigid modular geometries), I believe my answers were necessary. As Digipiction pointed out, simply using primuvmeasures the curve by arc, not chord, giving you incorrect lengths. Among my three answers I chose option c because it seems to be the simplest to implement, but still it's ~15 nodes. I'd be happy to elaborate on it if I haven't misunderstood you and this is indeed what you meant. Please check my screenshots.

Hi AlanZ, This seems to be the closest setup that I am looking for. Could you elaborate a bit more on the setup or post a hip if possible? I would need exact segment lengths due to the rigid length of the geometry. Also, thanks for the assistance.