Curve messup after updated to Houdini 19

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After updated to houdini 19, all my curves in Unreal has messed up.
Here is the comparison of the same curve asset presented in Unreal and Houdini,
You could see the curve asset data are difference.

Is there anyway to fix it?

Snipaste_2021-11-13_11-39-12.png (447.2 KB)

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As a temporary fix, you could change the curve back to the old curve. RMB on curve in Houdini->Actions->Change Type and find the old curve. Another option is to go to Assets->Asset Definition Toolbar->Show Always and change it in the Parameter window. Could you post your HDA? This would help to see if there are any issues.

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Good you can use curves. Mine here always crash

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We have no viewport color customization easily, many other things in viewport gives us crash.
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