Error Unable to find layer file:

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hey there,

houdini 19.0.622
python 2

I'm trying to export some curves to solaris and I'm running into this error.
The usd that I export works in usdview but it doesnt work when I try to bring it into solaris, please see below images

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exportusd.PNG (611.4 KB)
exportusdusdview.PNG (645.8 KB)
importintosolaris.PNG (217.7 KB)

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The path expression looks mangled. Why do you have `$JOB+" instead of just ${JOB}

Edit: Oh that's on the output.

It looks like you're on windows, but the path on the read node doesn't start with a letter. Are you sure you put the path in correctly?
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I had the same issue while trying to reference the .usd file in solaris. The issue was the spaces in the full file path. I had to rename the folders from "D:\1My documents\..." to "D:\1My_documents\..." and so on for every folder in a path and the error disappeared.
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I ran into the same issue and was able to solve it by just putting the File Pattern in quotation marks in a reference lop: "G:/My Drive/work/2023/solaris_test/geo/manyshapes.usd"
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