Houdini Asset Components in actor blueprints doesn't cook

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With HEngine-Unreal 2.0 I am testing out adding Houdini Asset Component to a blueprint to make placement of preset-HDAs easier.
However, when I then place this blueprint actor in the scene, it doesn’t trigger HEngine.
Even pressing the “recook” or “rebuild” buttons fails to trigger the HDA to cook.
When in session sync mode, the HDA is not instantiated in the scene.

The docs (LINK [www.sidefx.com]) don’t mention any specific steps or issues on this.

This is the blueprint component setup:

The HoudiniAssetBlueprint has a simple copy-to-points HDA assigned to it (attached below) with the following parameters:
  • An object-merge input for the target object
  • An object-merge input for the geometry to place

Here is a screenshot of the blueprint placed in the scene.
On the left is the blueprint (note how only the input geometry is displayed due to the static-mesh component) and on the right is the actual HDA placed by itself as a reference.

Ideally, we would like to encapsulate HDA and input primitive meshes within UE blueprint, which will be placed in the world.
Users would then be able to cook the HDA in the world.

This was done on:
Unreal Engine version - 5.1.1-23901901+++UE5+Release-5.1
Houdini Version - 19.5.493
Houdini Engine version - 5.0.5

blueprint_components.png (5.6 KB)
blueprint_parameters.png (50.9 KB)
scene_comparison.png (1.5 MB)

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