Visualizing Mesh Thickness

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Does anyone know how I can visualize mesh thickness? For example I need to find areas in a model that are less than 2mm thick. Or at the very least find the thinnest areas of a model (without specifying a minimum threshold in mm)

I found this SOP called Calculate Thickness but after going through the documentation and trying to fiddle with the settings I can't get it to work quite how I wanted. For example it is only giving me a grayscale image instead of a full gradient and it doesn't seem to be identifying the thin areas of a mesh in the expected fashion. 

The image below shows what I hope to achieve.

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powerful-analysis-tool-2.png (200.6 KB)

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You can do an approximation using the Mask by Ambient Occlusion SOP. You have to edit the code to shoot the rays from the inside of the geometry by the inverted normal direction (Line 106):

ao = vop_bias(raytest(v@P - aorayoffset * nml, -nml, aomaxraydist, aosamples, aoseed, pt_id, aoconeangle), aobias);

The resolution of the mesh matters so you can add additional detail using the Divide SOP.

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