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Has anyone had any luck installing Houdini Engine in Unreal for Linux?

I keep getting a "Plugin 'HoudiniEngine' failed to load because module 'Houdini Engine' could not be found." error.

Inside /home/Documents/Unreal Projects/MyTrainingProject/Plugins/HoudiniEngine/
I have the Content, Resources & Source folders and HoudiniEngine.uplugin and files. I also copied the 4.26 & 4.27 folders there.

I'm running H19.5.568 and Unreal 5.2 on PopOs. Everything runs fine until I add the Plugins folder to my 'Unreal Projects' folder.
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I use Houdini Engine for Unreal with PopOs on a daily basis. It runs great, but it needs additional steps compared to Windows. It's not as easy as placing the files in the plugins directory.
I use Rider to compile uprojects, you might be using another IDE.
Here is a guide (using Rider):
I am asuming your project has at least one c++ class, meaning it is not an only blueprints project

1. Download the source code of the houdini engine for unreal from the releases [], and pick the source code zip. Do not download the precompiled binaries.
2. Copy the content of the zip file and paste it on /your_project/Plugins/Runtime/HoudiniEngine/
if the Runtime folder is missing, create it
3. Go into the folder /your_project/Plugins/Runtime/HoudiniEngine/Source/HoudiniEngine/
4. Edit the file HoudiniEngine.Build.cs in two places, to:
line 35: Houdini Version: 19.5.569
line 50: string HoudiniVersion = "19.5.569";
Make sure your houdini verson is the same (use houdini launcher to check)
5. Go into the folder /your_project/Plugins/Runtime/HoudiniEngine/
Edit the file HoudiniEngine.uplugin
Make sure:
line 4: "Version" : 19050569,
line 5: "VersionName" : "2.0 - H19.5.569"
6. Open a terminal, and go to your houdini installation folder, the default location is /opt/hfs19.5
7. Source houdini by running the following command
source houdini_setup
You will get a confirmation that your houdini environment has been sourced
8. Without closing the terminal, start your IDE from the same terminal. For this example Rider. Just run the command:
9. Select your your_project.uproject file from /your_project/ directory and start the project
10. Wait for the IDE to index all the files, if this is the first time, building the cache will take some time.
11. Edit your .uproject file, e.g your_project.uproject, and make sure you have the following entry
"Name": "HoudiniEngine",
"Enabled": true
This file is just a json file
12. The change above should make your houdini plugin visible in the IDE Solution outline. Select the HoudiniEngine folder. Right click and hit Build selected project
13. Wait for some time.
On my machine the compilation of houdini engine seems to only use a few cores, this might be similar in your case.
14. If everything went well, and the compilation was successful. You can now start your project.
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