broad caster and reciver nodes in material library

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When building shading in the material library nodes, I would like to see broadcaster and receiver nodes to help declutter and help organize shading networks. I would imagine taking a queue from both the Mari node graph as well as substance designer where you essentially define a label name on a dot node and later, if you create a new dot node, you can choose from a list of declared names

here is a few screengrabs from the adobe designer graph

Dort node with declared label

dot node picked up label

dot node selected reveals hidden connections

mymaskDeclared.JPG (52.6 KB)
mymaskPickedup.JPG (23.8 KB)
dotselected.JPG (21.7 KB)

Peter Aversten
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Something like an Object Merge sop would be great to have in vops/material networks. Vray has this in their Material Builders in Solaris.
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Oh god yes please. This can not come soon enough
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