FX Demoreel 2018

Here's my FX Demoreel 2018.

This shot is completely focused on fluid simulation using houdini's Flip solver. I wanted to explore new tools and workflow they've added from 16.0.
Narrow Band simulation saved a lot of time and also computationally it was not that expensive.

Sim details:
1. Base Sim: 9.3mil - 13mil (21hrs. approx)
2. Whitewater simulation: 25mil - 70mil (foam and spray elements are cached separately. 30hrs. combined)
3. Mist : 19mil- 30mil voxels (12 hrs.)

it's been a great journey here at Vanarts, I would like to thank all the great mentors who helped me through this process.
Do share your reviews.


  • aparajitindia 4 年, 5 ヶ月 前  | 

    great work

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