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Env_light Problem 2018年7月20日17:44

my environment lighting is not working properly, I don't know if this is mantra's issue or houdini issue but as soon as I try to change environment map in my light it gives me either overexposed results or underexposed results. I checked my HDRI's and there is no problem in that. I'm attaching my outputs. If anyone knows how to fix this problems, do tell me.

Ocean_rendering 2018年6月30日20:58

I've been working on my demo reel right now, Can someone suggest me any good HDRI site to render ocean?

Spaceship_Crash 2018年4月26日20:04

Hello guys, Currently I'm working on spaceship crash in ocean. But I'm getting weird results in terms of veloity and gravity. I have checked collision geometry and it's fine for the sim. is there anything else I can do to fix, like increasing gravity or timescale. I'm attaching playbalst video.
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