Vellum R&D | Paint Curling/Skin Peel

Been spending some more time with Vellum in Houdini 18, and am loving all the enhancements and additions!
Came up with a pretty simple way to roughly art-direct stiff cloth bend constraints to create this peeling/curling effect. Turned out somewhat gross but I love it! ;)
Rendered with Redshift.


  • fabsberry 2 週間, 3 日 前  | 

    I love it, very nice!

    • Dave Stewart 1 週間, 3 日 前  | 

      Thanks fabsberry! :)

  • ro311974 2 週間, 1 日 前  | 


    • Dave Stewart 1 週間, 3 日 前  | 

      :) thanks!

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