Rigging シリーズ

これは Houdini でのリギングのビデオシリーズで、リギングの概要、HDA、オブジェクトとジオメトリ、親子化と階層、ボーンとヌル、アニメーションコントロール、拘束、回転順序/ジンバルロック、命名規則、ミラーリングとリギング、そしてアニメーションスクリプトについて説明します。


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リギング - 導入
これは Houdini でのリギングの紹介ビデオで、リギングの概要として、HDA、オブジェクトとジオメトリ、親子化と階層、ボーンとヌル、アニメーションコントロール、コンストレイン、回転順序/ジンバルロックなどを説明します。
Rigging Series - 01 HDA & Spine
In Part 1, we will create an HDA and start working on the spine. We will be using the Path Tool, Bones Tool, Follow Curve IK; we will create controls, create proxy geo and create HDA parameters.
Rigging Series - 02 Head, Eyes & Neck
In Part 2, we will work on the Neck, Head and Eyes. We will add 'space switching' to the Head and Eyes using constraints.
Rigging Series - 03 Left Arm
In Part 3, we will begin rigging the Left Arm. The arm will have both Forward and Inverse Kinematics, the ability to twist both the upper and lower arm as well as 'space switching' for the wrist.
Rigging Series - 04 Left Hand & Left Arm Completion
In Part 4 we will rig the Left Hand and complete the Left Arm. The Hand will have global and individual controls for finger curl, splay, fan and flex. The Left Arm and Hand will be mirrored to the Right side. We will finish the Left and Right Arms by adding the twist for both upper and lower arm bones, and add some optional automatic controls to drive the shoulder.
Rigging Series - 05 Left Leg
In Part 5, we will rig the Left Leg. The leg will have both Forward and Inverse Kinematics and ability to twist both the upper and lower leg.
Rigging Series - 06 Left Foot & Completing the Left Leg
In Part, 6 we will build the Left Foot and complete the Left Leg. The foot will use a 'reverse foot' setup with controls for Roll, Heel and Ball Offset, Toe Pivot, Heel and Toe Twist, Side to Side and Toe Rotation. We will finish the Left Leg by adding the twist for both upper and lower leg bones and then mirror both the Left Leg and the Left Hand to the right side.
Rigging Series - 07 Finishing the Rig & Next Steps
This video will be a wrap up on our rig, with some features to be added before finishing.
Rigging Series 2 | Capturing Geometry
Topics covered include updates on our previous character asset created in the first series; we will also look at how to capture geometry in general, look at bones and capture parameters, capture and deform regions, capture pose vs capture frame, aligning capture pose, capture types and finally, how to fix problem areas in our captured regions.

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