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Paul Ambrosiussen is currently a Technical Artist and Game Tools Developer at SideFX Software. He finished his BASc in International Game Architecture and Design at NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda. Paul enjoys writing tools to support effective art-pipelines, and maintaining tool / workflow quality for the artists he is assisting. His goal is to help others create amazing things in a better, faster and more flexible way. He creates tutorials, gives live lectures, attends events, and presents custom workshops to customers.


My Talks

obj-image GDC
Game Development Made Easy Using Houdini
obj-image GDC
Rapid Level Creation for Unity Mobile
obj-image LAHUG
Baking Texture & Masking Maps at Lightspeed!
obj-image Twitch
Quixel's Rebirth: World Building with Houdini & UE4
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From GameDevToolset to SideFXLabs
obj-image GDC
WaveFunctionCollapse Supercharged with PDG for Level Generation

My Tutorials

obj-image Quickstart
Pivot Painter | バージョン 1.0 と 2.0
obj-image Intermediate
Alicevision プラグイン
obj-image Quick Tips
ZBrush 用 GoZ プラグインインストール
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SideFX Labs インストール
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Game Tools | Maps Baker
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Game Tools | Detail Mesh

Recent Forum Posts

SideFX Labs Updates 2021年4月6日14:13

01 Apr 2021
New Tools
  • (18.5.529) Added Archive Project TOP. The Archive Project TOP node attempts to collect all, if not, most external file dependencies. It essentially facilitates cherry-picking external dependencies from a list, and fixing up references in the generated hip file for archiving. Tool courtesy of Jeffy Mathew Philip.

  • (18.5.534) Updated the 1.0 version of InstantMeshes to be using the deterministic algorithm by default. Also cleaned up UI and added documentation. Note: This update is primarily for Mac users, since Windows + Linux have the 2.0 (HDK) version of the tool
  • (18.5.532) Instant Meshes will now create the older version of the node when the user platform is Mac. This because the newest version of the tool does not work on Mac
  • (18.5.529) UV Unitize now has a new mode called "Input UV Shell", which allows you to unitize entire UV Shells instead of simply unwrapping every face
  • (18.5.525) Updated internals of Dissolve Flat Edges to use a __ prefix for the internal group names to avoid user created group conflicts. Also added a group parm

Bug Fixes
  • (18.5.534) Fixed an issue in MapsBaker where using any other downsampling filter than point would produce bad seams in the output texture. This has been resolved by changing the order of operations (extrapolate boundaries first, then downsample)
  • (18.5.534) RizomUV Unwrap with the mode set to custom group now works again. The tool will also no longer error when you click the group select dropdown when you dont have any edgegroups.
  • (18.5.528) Fixed an issue in Vertex Animation Textures 2.1 where the content plug-in button doesn't work with Python3.
  • (18.5.522) Fixed a small remaining issue in "Vertex Animation Texture 2.1" related to the last commit about missing name point attribute.
  • (18.5.522) Fixed a bug with Vertex Animation Textures 2.1 rigid mode where if the name attribute is not present on points while the orient, rest, pivot attributes are, the ROP implicitly throws an error that doesn't give tell users to add the missing attribute. The fix ensures that if name is missing on points, it will be fetched from unpacked geometries, or created automatically if that fails too.

Labs Maps Baker -> Normal Transfer Problems 2021年3月18日17:35


Yes that issue should not exist with a daily build of Labs. If it does, please submit a ticket with support and I will take a look

SideFX Labs Updates 2021年3月16日14:28

15 Mar 2021
New Tools
  • (18.5.507) Added Concatenate Text TOP, which combines multiple textfiles into a single file.
  • (18.5.500) Added Remove UV Distortion sop. It will try and remove distortion from pre-existing UV Shells by inserting new seams.
  • (18.5.492) Added Labs Calculate UV Distortion, which will calculate the distortion amount on your UVs based on "Texture Stretch Metric" in "Texture Mapping Progressive Meshes", by P. Sander, J. Snyder, S. Gortler, and H. Hoppe. It is the same technique used by the default visualizer in Houdini.

  • (18.5.515) Refactored the Terrain Texture ROP to use PDG under the hood (incl parm interface), and it no longer uses editable nodes. This makes it faster and easier to embed. The tool also got renamed to Terrain Texture Output to be in line with Houdini terminology
  • (18.5.514) Added option to control the axis objects will be placed on when using grid mode in Align and Distribute. Also cleaned up UI
  • (18.5.514) Changed output file naming scheme on Terrain Mesh Output node, so it matches the updated Terrain Texture Output which will be released soon
  • (18.5.514) Refactored the Terrain Segment ROP and renamed it to Terrain Mesh Output to be more in line with Houdini terminology. It is now much faster and produces better meshing results. It is now also python 3 compatible and no longer uses editable nodes to export geo, making it easier to embed in other nodes.
  • Did a big refactor of Inside Faces UVs to solve the issue where it outputs split geometry instead of just adding UVs without modifying topology. Also rewrote docs and UI to reflect that. Tool is now also compileable and uses group parms to expose more functionality to the user
  • (18.5.501) PivotPainter 2.0 now has the option to export pow2 textures instead of perfect matches

Bug Fixes
  • (18.5.515) Fixed issue on Substance Material SOP where it wouldnt cook when changing the SBSAR path, or when pressing reload.
  • (18.5.515) Expression Editor now properly saves the config file in HOUDINI_USER_PREF_DIR on all platforms. Previously it would not on Mac.
  • (18.5.504) Fixed bug in XYZ Exporter where an internal chref had broken and prevented exports.
  • Obj importer will now sanitize the material names from the mtl file so that the material nodes inside it can use those names. Before, if a material had an illegal character like '+' we would fail to create the material node. I also added a try-except to the hda module in the LoadMTL function. If no mtl file is found, the node will no longer throw up an error window. The node will still have a warning message, but at least the user won't have to click out of anything.
  • (18.5.501) Fixed issue in Boxcutter where it would throw an error when deleting the node while the tool state was active.
  • (18.5.500) Fixed an incorrect chref in Calculate UV Distortion for the uv attribute to be used.
  • (18.5.500) Fixed the bug where Labs Motion Vectors ROP didn't output correct screen space velocities and didn't render point velocites at all. Also fixed the bug where the last frame of the atlas was dropped due to a mistake in frame range calculation.
  • (18.5.499) Fixed noise parms not being hooked up for all modes in Edge Damage.
  • (18.5.499) Fixed an issue in PBR Shader on mac where the fragment shader was using "half" as a variable name, which is a reserved keyword on MacOS.
  • (18.5.494) Fixed the issue in Vertex Animation Textures ROP where the Real-time Data / materials JSON file records "Soft" no matter what outputs method was used.