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For each partition loop or equivalent 2020年1月20日12:17

Hey, Im having some issues with a Topnet which through wedging creates a number of sim variation which are then rendered through opengl.

I've managed to write out the files to unique, ordered paths, but I now need to bring them together in arbitrary groups to be rendered onto contact sheets for review.
There are too many variations to be reviewed in a meaningful way on a single contact sheet, hence the need to split them up.

So to practically reiterate my situation, I have 10 geometry variants, 4 simulation variants, 9 render camera angle variants and 72 frames for each.
I have 25920 frames on disk from this setup, and whilst I can wrangle the to have meaningful attributes using python processors, I can't quite see how I can take each geometry and it's simulation variants, and make a contact sheet from them.

I've used the partition by frame to drop all 10 geometry variants onto the same contact sheet, which feels like its the correct final step.
Using the partition node upstream to group the frames by geometry variation ‘works’ but I'm unable to then process each partition with the imagemagik nodes independently.
It feels like there should be a way to for-each the partitions, but the for-loop in tops when used with my partitions doesn't preserve the contained file paths that imagemagik requires.

Am I missing a process for handling partitions, or is there a better way?



Utilising @wedgenum[] in file output for nested wedges 2020年1月15日5:09

Brilliant, that works perfectly. Thanks!

I feel that this note regarding parm expressions would be helpful if included with the wedge TOP docs.

Utilising @wedgenum[] in file output for nested wedges 2020年1月14日17:10

I'm currently trying to process some geometry using nested wedges.
Dropping `@wedgenum` in the file path of the rop, creates the expected latest wedge number value, but I need to use the array @wedgenum as described in the help page [] in order to get usable unique indices for my geometry.

Putting `@wedgenum` in the file path does not evaluate to anything - am I misunderstanding how this is supposed to work?