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Day 1 | Motion | Bounce 2021年3月1日11:30

I spent too much type messing around making them all look at the nearest one in their field of view. I wish I'd given them eyelids so they could blink when changing look targets. I wanted to emulate something like creatures in the game Loco Roco.

Creature Features Wing HDA 2021年2月18日11:19

My original plan was to make a creature modelling hda but I decided to create separate HDAs for different features as it was getting too complicated. I'm hoping to release this HDA soon. I based this largely on the wings of bats with some additional features common to dragons and demons.

The hda is mainly designed for low to mid poly modelling when a lot of iterations would be helpful. It assumes that later on in the process the artist will delete half the model and mirror it so the wing is only generated on one side. It currently outputs a mesh with the wing attached, meshes of bones inside the wing and poly-line curves. The curves will be useful for rigging using kinefx but I haven't got that far yet. I also intend to add muscles at some point but I'm not sure if there will be enough interest to warrant it.

I'd appreciate any opinions on the following questions:

Hypothetically how much you would pay for it if you were to buy it on Gumroad or similar.?

How much value would be added by having a procedural rig for the wing generated by the asset?

How much value would be added by having a muscle system for the wing generated by the asset?

Do you think a full set of creature generating hdas(sort of equivalent to the tree nodes in Houdini) would be a worthwhile long term project?

Thanks for your attention.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlOlyqME8io [www.youtube.com]

https://www.artstation.com/artwork/68D1eN [www.artstation.com]

"untangling" a camera's path 2021年2月1日4:42

How are you importing the cameras into Houdini from Alicevision?