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Move from current Level to Parent Level 2018年9月3日6:27

Hi BabaJ,

Thank you for your immediate response, I am a novice Houdini User so I am not able to get the desired effect.

Although I do understand the concept theoretically, I am unable to get the effect. Here is a scene I have taken from another post which has an hda to Paint and then go up a level once done painting. I have tried to unpin the window and although it does move up a level, I am unable to see in this in the viewer.

I would appreciate if you could help me out.

Nikitha Ann

Move from current Level to Parent Level 2018年9月1日23:33

Hi tamte,

There seems to be some issue with this function. Here is a scene with a simple box and a paint. I have added the same Function but it does not move up a level.

Thank you,


Move from current Level to Parent Level 2018年7月27日7:11


Any help with this topic is much appreciated. I am a newbie to Houdini and Python.

I want to add a button from my asset to move from the current level to the top level (single jump).

As seen in the topic, []

I have used this file and I want to add a button after the user has finished painting to go back to the top level, like said in this, [] but adding the script kwargs.parent().setCurrent(True, True) gives me an error.

Thanks in advance