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I started as a CG-artist in 2002 on small projects(visualizations for public departments) in 2004 I became 3d artist for Fanatic games studio(game models, rigging, optimization) which was my big career jump. Since then I've been producing game models and resources to many projects including Mafia(Illusion softworks), Overkill 3 (Craneballs studios), World of tanks(Wargaming). Lately I am concentrating on creating interior&exterior resources for visualizations and games for Unreal engine.


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How to set relative path to hou.hipfile.load 2020年3月4日16:50


How to set relative path to hou.hipfile.load 2020年3月3日5:34

Hi i want rund pdg from command line and i have two file, run.bat and
I need realtive path for hip file, i try it “$HIP/automate_process_easy_f3.hiplc” but this dont work
Please help me, thank you

SET hbatchDir=“C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 18.0.388\bin\”
SET “JOB=%ROOT%/Tools/pdg”
SET “HIP=%ROOT%/Tools/pdg”

%hbatchDir%hython.exe “%~dp0\scripts\”
import hou


import hqueue.houdini as hq
node = hq.getNode(“/obj/topnet1”)
disp_node = node.displayNode()
# blocking full cook of PDG
disp_node.executeGraph(False, True, False)

USD and Unreal Engine 4 2019年12月25日17:53

Hi, solved problem. Is need configuring Stage layers and unreal engine correct import usd format