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Calculating light value from geo input. 2023年6月18日11:24

I recently followed along with the Project Titan Ivy Tool tutorial [www.sidefx.com] and absolutely loved it.

https://imgur.com/a/Rd56dwO [imgur.com]

It worked very well inside unreal engine, except there is still one thing bugging me.
If I throw it on the model of a house for example. There will also be Ivy growing on the inside of the house.

https://imgur.com/a/Rd8Jquo [imgur.com]

Now i could maybe manually set every object this would be used on to exclude centrain prims/points from spawning ivy. But I was wondering if there would be a more procedural way of doing this.

Is there a way to calculate a light value and only have points based on how much light geometry would be receiving?

Marvel like intro. Footage on AOV's. 2022年10月27日7:48

here is the scene file if you want to have a look
That's amazing! Thanks so much for the clear explanation.

Marvel like intro. Footage on AOV's. 2022年10月26日11:08

I'm trying to create something like the marvel intro, where some (moving) faces have video footage as a texture. Like a screen basically.

I'm currently trying this by creating a group with the faces and loading these as an AOV via Karma.
Then track this scene later and apply the footage manually to these faces in After Effects.

Is there a better way to do this? How would you approach this scene?