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ambientcg.com materials library 2024年6月2日8:51

https://ambientcg.com/ [ambientcg.com] has a massive PBR textures library, in USDC and mtlx format.

How can I integrate it in Material Linker like GPUOpen ?

Mtlx Image string inputs connection return error 2024年4月5日5:33

Not currently possible for reasons explained here:

https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/82989/ [www.sidefx.com]

As I understand it, materialX shaders / karma don't support it right now. The shaders can only be parametric using numbers, not entire files, because everything has to be loaded from the start ("compiled")

How can I change Houdini axis sequence from XZY to XYZ? 2024年3月25日11:28

I am coming from CAD modeling.
I notice in Geometry - Transform - Translate the second parameter Y controls up and down movement. Can I make it "In and Out" rather than "Up and Down". So, I like to change it function with the third parameter-Z.

Thank you!

I can´t parse your sentence, but if you mean to ask whether the axis Z can be used for Up,then yes
In Edit / Preferences / 3d Viewport / Orientation / you can choose Z-up instead of the default Y-Up