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Houdini Solaris & Asset Resolver 2.0 version recommendations 2022年8月19日9:15

Hello, any luck with this topic?, i want to test this new asset resolver.

Fbx importer/preview with python script 2020年7月7日9:14

Do you mean that you want them to cook one at a time, all the way to the bottom of the graph? In that case you should use a Feedback Loop, which cooks each loop iteration sequentially.

sorry for the delay in answering, i think is working now, sometimes Houdini crashes.

To use ffmpeg how i can do, wait for all sends me an error inside feedback loop. And something weird is happening when i try to convert to vídeo, ffmpeg corrupts input files.

Fbx importer/preview with python script 2020年7月6日17:23

The work items in a Python Script node cook in-process by default. In order to configure how many work items run at the same time you'll need to add an In Process Scheduler to your graph, which exposes configuration options for in process work items. Set the In Process Scheduler as the scheduler override on the Python Script node, and enabled the “Single” option on the scheduler. Alternatively, after setting the scheduler override you can add the Single scheduler parameter to the Python Script node using the steps described here: []

The in-process scheduler was added in H18.0.385, so you'll need to use that version or newer.

tpetrick thanks for your help, i tried your suggestion but still have the same problem, the python script import all the fbx first. []