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3D Artist & Director Co-Founder at @dyne_studio. Challenging myself to experiment and translate what can be created through the beauty of CG imaginary.


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WIP - PolyHaven Asset Importer - PHAI - [Houdini Utility] 2022年11月22日23:16

Very cool indeed!

WELCOME & RULES 2022年4月3日16:26

Hey guys!

There still no news about the "Congratulations & How to Claim Prizes" thread to submit the google form that they shared? I hope that can appear before tomorrow


IRON HEART WINNERS | Date Changed - you may need to repost 2022年4月3日15:55

Hello guys! Thanks again for this Mardini edition, it was a very fun challenge for entire march, also it was a really good way and opportunity to discover and learn how to use new nodes, workflows and modules as Solaris.

Here is my contact sheed animated and also the image version: []

I don't know why this video doesn't want to appear as embed, maybe is tired after one month of mardini hehe.

I challenged myself to do all the entries animated, also in some cases to do a non-common usage of the node from each day with different styles and color palletes to make it more diverse, I'm really happy with my results at least .

If you want to see some quick breakdowns of all of my entries you can check them on my YouTube channel:

@cdordelly YT channel []

I have the plan to make some tutorials of some of my Mardini entries, you can follow me on twitter [] for news about that

Kudos for all of you to complete this challenge, I'm glad to share with very talented artists like all of you.

Cheers and happy end of weekend