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Cooking an existing asset from Editor utilities actor 2022年11月6日15:32

Hi folks !

I'm trying to cook an existing asset, from an blueprint of type editor utility actor ( dropped into my scene ).
And it seems that it needs a wrapper in order to tag the asset as recook needed. But I can't find how to use "create wrapper" with an existing asset ? ( by reference, path, name, whatever )

Does anyone have an idea how to do that ? that'd be super helpful

Thanks !

Intancer splitting xform issue 2022年2月2日16:27

Hello folks !

I'm having an issue with instancers when I split them using "unity_split_attr" system, on point cloud with unity_instance attr to instance prefabs.
It seems that the parent object of each output group have its position offset to 0 ( -asset position ), as show in the screenshot.

When I don't use the split attribute, it's all fine ( but obviously, I don't get two groups of instances ).

It also seems that the unity_split_attr is completly ignored when I use pack primitive instancers.

I attached a test asset which gather all the behaviours ( split attr, no split attr, and packed prims ).

Am I missing a option somewhere ?

I'm under Houdini 19.0.498 Py3.

Thanks !

Vex help in vscode 2021年4月23日4:30

Hey folks,

For those who use vscode to write their vex code, I've just published a small vscode extension "Houdini vex help []" which mimics the wrangle nodes behavior "Open help page from selected text", inside vscode directly.
Install the extension from the marketplace, select a function name in your code, execute the command "Open vex help", or press F2 and voila !
It's particulary useful with the great support of VEX language support f []or vscode by mel massadian and houdini expr editor from [].