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It's about 20 years now since I started learning computer graphics, and I have done everything from creating digital environments, hard surface modeling, look development to today, where I create 3D motion design, TV commercials and NFTs. My career had lots of different aspects. An environment I cre...  more
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Venom Symbiote
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Growing Plant | Crassula Pyramidalis
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Realistic Fern | Part 3
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Realistic Fern | Part 2
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Realistic Fern | Part 1
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Fir Tree Procedural Modeling and Growth motion

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Day 6 Animation | Motion | Flow 2021年3月6日9:57

Here is my first try about Flow!

Tree / plants generation tools. 2020年8月13日2:33

Hello there,

It would be really awesome if a couple of tools could be added to handle tree generation and modeling.

I know, everything needed is there, but this kind of work require math skills and expertise I don't have, and despite the large size of our studio, there is no resource to create that kind of tools in-house. (We are only a bunch of Houdini artist here @Gameloft).

This is one of the only reason I have to start 3dsmax these days, only for GrowFX ( … it's a really great product, but it will be a such a better fit in Houdini, … relying on a stack modifier system for this kind of modeling is a real PITA. Having to use Max to create procedural content hurt me every time

Beside, TheGrove for blender ( a very nice approach too, it's more on the life simulation side (self organization) than the simple recursive distribution. It's however deadly slow to generate half dense model … and again, this kind of procedure should probably flight once done properly in VEX … well I suppose.

I don't know what would be the better approach, or the easier to implement … but a little bit like heightfields was a really amazing addition (and easy to use), maybe a couple of HDA might help for this kind of tasks. Anastasia work on this looks just wonderful ! : []

Thanks. []

Tree Grow Toolkit for Houdini | GrowInfinite 1.0 Released!

Create growing trees, plants and lots of other fractals…

GrowInfinite 1.0 , a growing toolkit for Houdini including about 37 HDAs is available right now!

Here is the link you can get the HDAs, Tutorial and Hip samples:

This video is actually a timelapse based on introduction tutorial of this tool! The Growth you see at the begining of video is created just after 3 hours of non-stop work while recording the tutorial (I've splitted that in 3 Parts) … But it may take more or less to beginners,
Hip file of the broad leaf growth you see on the end of this video also comes with this package.

What is included?

1- 37 HDAs to make extremely detailed trees and generative art!

2- 3 Hours of Growing Fir creation Tutorial from scratch to look dev in Octane and camera setup as an introduction about bases in 3 videos

3- Growing Fir hip file shaded with Octane

4- Growing Broad Leaf tree shaded with Octane

5- Growing Flower to learn how bend, leaf mesh, mesh gravity and color are working together…

6- Growing Inside Sample

Digital Asset Highlights:

-Create Growth Ready Plants From Scratch

-Control Branch Density / Rotation and Scale
By Just One Keyframe On Growth

-Growth Based Bend/Noise/Gravity Controls
With Constant Point Number From Start To Finish
And Ultimate Retime Possibilities

-Gravity Control From Base/Tip, Force Created From Parent Directions,
And Lots Of Fun Gravity Styles

-Local And Global Twist Deformer

-Growth Based Displacement And UVs

-Produce Colors By Lenght, Growth, UV, Depth, etc, And Color Drives Forces Like Gravity,
Noise, Bend, Displacement And Even Next Level Size And Rotation At Will

-Growth Can Finish on Any Desiered Shape =-)

-Not Just Trees! Its Able To Create Lots Of Fractal Styles

-Instance Friendly Leaves And Bark Growth Tools
For Huge Trees And Highpoly Situations

Thanks For your support

Primitive colors 2019年8月10日6:29

If you mean packed primitives then do Unpack SOP first where you can specify which attributes to transfer to unpacked geometry

If you then still need to convert it should keep the attributes

Thanks Tomas