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What Happened to Dynamic Linking Parameters? 2021年11月10日9:26

Sorry if this has been addressed somewhere else but what happened to the dynamic parameter linking that H used to have? I'm on 19 now and if I create and assign a shader.. AND THEN change the name of the shader, the updated name is not linked anymore. I have to go select the shader again. In the past changing an item name (be it shader or other dynamic link) would automatically update wherever it was referenced in the project?


Exporting RBD to FBX 2021年5月28日18:02

So I have a simple explosion which is then exported to fbx via the RBD to FBX node.

Plays just fine inside Houdini but no matter what I cannot get it to export properly as an FBX.

I've read the excerpts here and watched the video ( [] ) and tried it out, and although it got me closer I still don't have a working FBX representation of my RBD sim.

Even a stripped down version of a simple box RBD fracture still is problematic.

Things I've tried:

RBD to FBX node (not working at all for me). All I get is an 'empty' FBX file.

ROP FBX Output node with "Build Hierarchy From Path Attribute" checked on and an Assemble node before it to create the path and name attribute for the prims.

This gives me a freeze frame of the first frame in the output. So if I export at frame 2 (my sim starts at 2) then I get a static FBX of frame 2.

Funny though because I can see the animation file inside Unity (or in Windows 3d Viewer I see a playbar that plays) but when I play it it's all static, as in the playhead moves but the pieces stay frozen in place.

I'm attaching the hip file (it's just a file node, assembled and output to FBX) along with the files to ingest ( sequence).

Am I missing something. Is there anything else that needs to be done in order for this to work?

Could this be a bug?

Thank you

Issue with LOD's in Unity 2021年4月24日11:06

This should be fixed as of Houdini 18.5.556. Sorry for the long wait! As mentioned previously, if you want your issue to be resolved in a timely manner, please submit a bug report at [] with reproduction steps and ideally and example HDA

Great - Thank you so much. I didn't submit the report because I was investigating and trying to see if it's something on my end (it's a huge project). My bad. I should have because it happened before in a smaller project.

Thanks again.