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RBD Constraints behaving weirdly 2019年6月27日2:45

I looked again and you were absolutely right sir! It was a naming issue. Thanks a lot

RBD Constraints behaving weirdly 2019年6月27日1:49

Hey, thanks for the reply

I did check the names on individual pieces and they are unique as they were created by rbd material fracture so they should be unique, right? Anyway, I have attached the file to you to look up. Again thanks

RBD Constraints behaving weirdly 2019年6月26日17:08


I am making a simple house destructions scene where I am using a metaball for adding force and using the same metaball to break constraints as well. While simulating constraints are breaking as they should perfectly but geometry is not behaving the same way. as you can see here pieces of the wood are still hanging in the air even though there is no constraint whatsoever. Also, the timestamp is also at the same frame.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you