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KineFX questions 2021年3月23日23:19

I've been using Kinefx in production on Indie game, it's definitely ready. To be honest, it needs few workarounds, but you can check some tools which I did for it: https://github.com/kamilhepner/kinefx_tools [github.com]
It's totally ready for the primetime. I've talked with people using it in production, and they more than happy with it.

If you running into limitations share them with us here, there is probably more than one solution to every problem.

I didn't like the old Houdini approach for rigging with those quirky python scripts it smelled like Maya's approach. I've rigged in Maya for many years and my personal answer to question what Houdini does better than Maya is: Everything.

KineFX and animator friendly promotion of controls? 2021年3月19日2:06

I think currently the best thing is to use object-level controls and drive your rig pose nodes with them. That will let you handle cases where you have a few rig poses not only the one. If you not really keen on creating those level controls by hand you can check out some of my tools from https://github.com/kamilhepner/kinefx_tools [github.com]


KineFX Help Needed 2021年3月1日1:26

Hey Greggory,

Maybe that will interest you:

Let me know if you need a hand.