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Expression path type,I don't understand,please help me! 2022年2月8日23:31

frBorges34 34
Not sure if I understand correctly your question, but :

The first one refers to the foreach_begin1_metadata1 iteration's attribute, using the absolute path.
The second one refers to the same, using a relative path
the third looks two levels above the level where the actual (relative, again) path is declared

Houdini node's organization is working like a file system, and therefore works with the same type of path declaration that is found in a lot of coding languages (Historically, I'd say Unix system, but I'm not a specialist)

The documentation has some explanation on it [www.sidefx.com].
Or you can find more info on this kind of site [pyrochlore.net]

Oh, thank you so much. I forgot about it

what does the middle point mean ,"const. Activation" ?? 2022年2月7日0:12

what does the middle point mean ,For example, parameters "const. Activation" and "const. Birth rate" 。

besides ,in help docment,Is "Impulse Birth Rate" the same as "Impulse Count"?

Expression path type,I don't understand,please help me! 2021年2月15日11:19

Expression path type,I don't understand

i am new driver,
At present, I find that different indentations can lead to different results!
I don't understand the difference between these three lines of code


The results of the first two lines are the same, and the bottom line is different