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Sean has over 25 years of VFX production experience as a VFX Supervisor, DFX Supervisor, CG Supervisor and Houdini FX artist. His credits include Lord of the Rings, Superman Returns, Golden Compass, Watchmen, Mazerunner, and many many more, and stints at Weta, DNEG, Method, Framestore and others. S...  more
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Houdini Generalists - 3D Anamorphic Billboard Project 2024年1月29日18:23

  • Uk-based content agency with Portland office is looking to build a small team to create 3D Anamorphic Billboard animations using existing modelled and lookdev'd assets. (Please Google 3D Anamorphic Billboards if you're not sure what these are.)
  • Involves a few core shots 3-4 and many adaptation output deliverables (50+) for different screen formats ranging from 15-30 seconds in length.
  • Camera, lighting, rendering and some basic comp and FX will be required.
  • We require one strong lead with good technical skills who can oversee a smaller team of artists while also producing content
  • We also require a small team of artists to help produce the content and iterate adaptations.
  • Must be legally able to contract to work in UK or US
  • Rates to be discussed
  • Work to commence asap and deliver on a rolling basis between early April and end of May.
Please contact Toby Roberts <> with a link to your reel, your availability, and your CV/IMDB/LinkedIn profile.

Stacks in RBD 2023年11月21日11:48

If you play the scene you may see them intesect immediately if there are not enough substeps to resolve the collisions.

Stacks in RBD 2023年11月20日9:14

To me the gaps seem to be very small but distinct. I made them this small so the coins don't have to fall down on each other in the beginning of the simulation. With the collision representation objects it is the same. Am I missing some intersecting meshes here? Or can there be a "too close" to each other?

Make sure you always look at the bullet representation of the collider, not the geo going into the sim.