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Halloween Instancing tutorial work file 2017年12月18日22:45

Previous link was not working.

I found the work files and video here link [].

I just browsed to sidefx tutorials page on their site and search for ‘corn’.

Stylesheets with packed and groups doubt 2017年11月18日23:23

I have just looked into style sheets as I need to access groups from packed/instanced geometry and yes when I use a group name in the ‘Value’ field nothing happens, but when I use a number (primitive number?) it works just fine. Im using Houdini 16.0.705.

HIPLC treated as HIPNC - Error: Output driver not supported in Apprentice version 2017年9月10日3:03

Rendering using MPlay works, this is either via the IPR button in the Redshift shelf tab or the ‘Open IPR’ button in the Redshift_ROP.

Redshift IPR rendering within Houdini itself, either via the ‘Render View Panel’ or using the ‘Render Region Tool’ does not work, this is where the error “Output driver not supported in Apprentice version” occurs.