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Pine Needles Hair System for Instanced Trees 2019年10月2日15:32

Is your tree coming from SpeedTree by any chance?
If yes, then you can export the geo as Alembic, and instead of needle meshes just have reference transforms exported. Then in houdini you can just load the Xforms with Alembic SOP,extract alembic fulltransform intrinsic and convert that to orient attribute. So all you`re left with are points(locations) with @orient. From there, sky is the limit..

issue with CHOP network always open in network view 2019年8月1日7:54

It`s annoying me for for years, and still, did not find out why. Each time i open a hip file that contains CHOP network, network view is set inside the CHOP network. It`s really anoying, because that CHOP network will cook on open too…

Somebody knows how to avoid having his view “parked” inside CHOP net ?

thank you!

how to get an overview of threads per task? 2019年3月27日12:57

I`m also interested into controling GPUs, or openCL devices assignent per task in my case. For example i have 2 GPU and i`m wedging some openCL sims(pyro,flip etc) and want each task to run on different openCL device…