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Using CPU Cores 2019年1月1日16:03

Houdini is using 2990WX just fine, i have that processor too, use it on both Win10 and Ubuntu Linux. It all depends on nodes you are looking at / using. Not everything can run parallel on all cores, no matter what processor you use. That`s just the nature of programming and processing of data. For example most VDB/volume nodes can utilise all your cores. So can well choosen/writen vex code, or most of the solvers(pyro/flip etc). But if you for example unpack packed alembic that that is single threaded there is nothing you can do.
Just hold on, spend more time in houdini and computer graphics in general, and you`ll understand..

"Could not create OpenCL device" Houdini Console notification 2018年11月13日13:31

Same issue here on H17, after installing the latest NVIDIA driver. H16.5 stayed unaffected. Rolling back the nvidia driver did not solved the issue.

Mantra vs AMD Threadripper 2990wx 2018年11月10日9:25

I have 2990wx 128gb ram and been using it for about 2 months now, 24/7 sims and rendering. It`s beastly, but not for every user. Windows performance, compared to Linux is much worse, pretty much in every task. I get 10-30% better speeds in pyro/flip/grain etc on Linux Mint compared to win 10. Mantra speed is scaling so much better on linux too.

I have seen absolutely zero speed improvement after Dynamic Local Mode update using Ryzen Master. That goes for benchmarks on sims, or rendering(mantra, vray,corona,)

Now to mantra. Scaling with cores is bad in windows mostly. Pretty much no difference between 32 and 64 cores. And i`ll be bold, lets not blame this on completly on CPU. We know it has its limits on mem bandwidth,latency, and terrible windows scheduler, but that`s it. Other render engines scale much better with this CPU in very same environment, but mantra don`t….

I use vray for 13 years, it scales this CPU pretty much linearly on normal scenes. And with somewhat degraded performance on super heavy scenes(hundreds milions poly + displacements etc).

Small benchmark scene with 6 cylinders like this should not see performance degradation at all. I wish devs can look into this and optimize Mantra for multi NUMA CPUs more, it seems multi NUMA nodes might become the new trend, simple because rising core freq. has become very problematic.

btw, your scene renders on Linux Mint in 55 seconds on my 2990WX at 3.8Gz all cores