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How to read ACES render? 2022年12月22日4:51

On the left is the result of my render in the viewport. And on the right - in the Chaos Player (without or with default aces correction). Similar results are obtained if I open the file in MPlay.
How can I achieve the same look as in the viewport? What transformation and how I need to apply?

UE4 Plugin extremely slow 2022年5月20日9:45

I've run into sample problem recently, have you managed to find what caused such freezes?

Unreal Engine freeze when I use HDA-asset. 2022年5月20日8:11

I'm using HDA-asset in Unreal Engine to create some set of unreal splines on its output. While it takes about 30 seconds in houdini to calculate all geometry, Unreal Engine freezes every time I try to calculate all geometry inside it.
Even if I open Houdini Session Sync I can see that my geometry is already calculated in houidini but at the same time Unreal Engine still calculates it.
Something defenitely going wrong with data transfer between houdini and Unreal. What could it be?

P.S. Houdini 19.0.498, Unreal Engine 5 Early Access 2, Houdini Engine 2.0.7 from github.
AMD Threadripper 3970x, RAM 96GB, GeForce 3980 TI.