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Matt Estela is a Senior Houdini Artist at RYOT. Previously he was VFX Lead in Residence at the UTS Animal Logic. Academy, and before that at Animal Logic he's been a VR Supervisor, Lighting Lead, Fx Lead, CG Supervisor, and is one of those annoying Houdini evangelists you don't want to sit next to on the bus.


My Talks

obj-image ILLUME Webinar
“Non-VFX” VFX | Matt Estela
obj-image SIGGRAPH
Hypercubes for VR Noobs
obj-image SIGGRAPH
Learning Houdini: You're Doing It Wrong and How to do it Right
Houdini: You're learning it wrong (no really this time)
obj-image Houdini HIVE Worldwide
Just the Tip(s)

My Tutorials

obj-image Beginner
Solaris LOPS
obj-image Intermediate
The Joy of VEX
obj-image Quickstart
Building Generator
obj-image Beginner
CG Wiki | Maya to Houdini
obj-image Beginner
CG Wiki | Quick Lessons
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CG Wiki | Houdini Long-Form Tutorials

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There's an envvar trick from Noah documented there too.

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