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Inclusive group expressions 2020年2月26日9:53

Hey guys,

I'm trying to do an operation on geometry that has two true values:
@id==1 @age<0.5

I don't have access to this operation via VEX, only as regular node so I need to specify this on a group parameter. It works if I do single expressions, but it doesn't seem to work with both. I pretty much tried everything on here: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/model/groups.html#manual [www.sidefx.com] But I couldn't get it to work.


Mplay and python 2020年2月19日2:46

The only way I found was by executing Python via the MainMenuMplay.xml (its not called exactly that).
You can call a Hscript function to save your current Mplay sequence there.

Hope this helps.

'Submit Graph As Job' generates Deadline Job, but just hangs 2020年2月5日12:31

My guess would be that you are using DL on a single machine.
You need at least two slaves for the “Submit Graph as Job” feature.
You can launch two slaves on one machine. You can find the needed info in the DL Docs.