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Change Nodecolors and -shapes with the onCreated.py callback script
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Edit HDRIs for Environment Lights
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Attribute Visualize in Viewport
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Find Closest Point and Add Utility Attributes

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'Submit Graph As Job' generates Deadline Job, but just hangs 2020年2月5日12:31

My guess would be that you are using DL on a single machine.
You need at least two slaves for the “Submit Graph as Job” feature.
You can launch two slaves on one machine. You can find the needed info in the DL Docs.

Customize Stage Manager 2019年12月16日23:16

These pyside interfaces are basically just python panels. You can now make python panels available on nodes as an option when editing/crearing the panels.

I reckon you can basically chuck in your modifications in the statemanager python panel and should be good to go.

Best way to learn VEX ? 2019年12月2日19:29

Try Python or processing.

Also if you are not confident with vex, you can just go with VOPs instead. No shame in that.
You'll find that over time you'll start writing one liners in VEX, then couple of lines with functions and eventually you'll grow out of VOPs entirely.

That's how I know a lot of people started. That's how Matt Estela described his process, too. See here [www.youtube.com].