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how to use attribute randomize with length(dist) from curves 2021年6月15日17:34

so why not upload your file so ppl can help you ?

Visualization Behind "Fit Range" VOP Node !!! 2021年6月13日18:45

ah, spotted a little detail, here's a file that has the fit and also the math
so in the math. I needed to offset between old and new starting points and that's it, switch between the fit and math nodes and they should be the same.

Visualization Behind "Fit Range" VOP Node !!! 2021年6月13日18:08

here's a visualisation, I used VEX fit in a wrangle but it should be the same as a VOP (if you view the code in the VOP you'd see it calls vop_fit(), how you drill down further I don't know, you'd probably reach unreadable machine code)

Anyway, visually it remaps your min/max to newmin/newmax...

Adjust MinX, MaxX, NewMinX, NewMaxX and observe...try NewMinX = 4 and NewMaxX = -1 and you'll see it crosses over itself.

So here's my reverse engineering

mathematically: (it's just ratio)

x / (MaxX - MinX) = new x /(NewMaxX - NewMinX)

therefore, the fit is getting the new x value by:

new x = x * (NewMaxX - NewMinX) / (MaxX - MinX)

just my guess...don't sue me if your computer explodes.

ps: I'm quite confident on my logic as I had to write my own remap in MCG (hush....3dsMax!) and that's what I worked fine I think.