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Procedurally reverse polygons 2021年7月17日17:02

ALWAYS try to work things out using an EXTREMELY simplified setup (yeah i know
sometimes it's not possible but....try)

so if you set up a bunch of simple square blocks randomly flipped you'd be more confident in dealing with it rather than....ooooooohhhh nooooo what is is this massive mess from's too
technical for me.....too many different shapes, too much on the screen I can't deal with it..

NO!!! it's just a bunch of simple squares...

(in the fixme group, you'lll see there's a tolerance of 20deg spread angle...for hilly bits coz despite what many say, the earth is NOT completely flat)

Particles won't collide with collider GEO 2021年7月7日0:43

so wouldn't it be populating the SOP path with /obj/box1/box1

then set collision Detection to Use Surface Collisions work ? (solver default works too i think)

(for the hell of it I put it to too...bugger me!!)

How do I constrain POP wind only to two axis? 2021年6月26日17:40

don't know....but i still had a go, would be polite if you upload your file so people can deal with the exact situation rather than spending time mocking up $hit that you may reply with...well that's not what I have...and so it goes back and forth...just time wasting

seriously, don't be offended, your file is just some RnD...stop worrying about losing IP