This workshop covers building USD assets in Solaris, using the Component Builder tool-set added in Houdini 19. We'll discuss what USD assets can look like, and how the Component Builder simplifies making good USD assets even for artists new to USD/Solaris. We will also cover how to leverage some of these features down the road, in later stages of a pipeline. Hopefully by the end you will come away with more confidence about USD assets, as well as a better understanding of using the Component Builder in your projects.


  • DataJuggler 1 年, 10 ヶ月 前  | 

    How do you get the layout to show Stage? I don't see that. I am using 19.5, but that probably doesn't matter.


  • DataJuggler 1 年, 10 ヶ月 前  | 

    I figured it out. You have to change some drop down in the top center to Solaris. Googling Houdini Show Stage didn't have any results.

  • rafaelmoco 1 年, 9 ヶ月 前  | 

    Any chance to make this hip a downloadable example? I've tried to make the for each workflow work for variants, but I had different results and it doesn't worked as intended

  • SpeLL 1 年, 7 ヶ月 前  | 

    Thanks for the interesting workshop, I just started to study Houdini, went through the tutorials from the Fundamentals section.
    In general, I understood the general purpose of Component Builder and what it consist of, but how exactly I can repeat what was said in the workshop by myself remained completely unclear to me.
    I'm not sure if beginer is the exact level that required to understand the material from this workshop.

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