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For Each sorting issues 2019年6月1日20:09

I haven't found timeShift + foreach super intuitive (I feel like I have to re-learn it every time I use it. But in this case, if you are offsetting some animation, there are some attributes you can use for both packed prims and alembic packed prims, for offsetting time on different copies of an animated prim.

This odforce post links to the video + example: []

Hope that helps!


What jsmack said

channel editor background colour 2019年5月24日5:33

You can override that file without editing the installation, by copying that file to a ‘config’ folder in your user preferences (create it if it doesn’t exist), i.e. %HOME%\houdini17.5\config\on Windows or ~/houdini17.5/config/on Unix. Pretty much anything inside the installation’s “houdini” folder you can override for yourself by putting in your preferences.

Hope that helps!

API Docs 2019年3月18日12:35

Ah, awesome, thanks! I logged RFE #95416 to add a link to that page on each Python* TOP's doc card.

Thank you!