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Where are the lens shaders? 2024年4月1日11:49

Sorry for the confusion. The Material Library's tab menu is filtered to avoid the overwhelming users with too many incompatible options when building their materials, which is why lens shaders are hidden from the tab menu. You can also put lens shaders in `/mat`, make a new Material Network (i.e. `matnet`) in your LOP Network, or make a VEX Material Builder in the Material Library LOP, and create lens shaders in there. If you really want the massive, unfiltered VOP tab menu, you can clear-out the Tab Menu Mask parm on the Material Library LOP.

Lens shaders don't get converted to USD like other materials, so they don't require a connected material library node. When the Camera LOP cooks, that node does the authoring/copying of VEX code. This setup is related to why lens shaders can't really be animated, like other materials in USD. We're working to improve lens shader authoring/workflows for future releases.

Localizing reference textures... there has to be a better way 2024年4月1日10:25

There is an Output Processor on the USD ROP, labeled "Copy All Assets to Referencing Layer Directory". It copies any non-USD paths (such as texture maps) so they are localized and portable with the USD output. This is what Component Output uses.

Modify Paths doesn't touch the files on disk, it just changes the data in USD to look for the files in a different location.

So the "Copy All Assets to Referencing Layer Directory" output processor should help you out. It would copy the files into the same location as your USD being exported, and updates the attributes so they point to the new location.

timesampled hairprocedural motionblur 2024年3月27日21:03

Is timesampled motionblur supposed to work with the hair procedural in H20 or is it still just vectormotionblur?

Still just velocity or acceleration blur.