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Layering imported MaterialX materials 2023年1月18日12:46

Can you share a hip file? And which renderer are you using? Is the renderer providing the error message?

For each variant? 2023年1月11日14:29

The For Each LOP is not actually changing the variant, it's just cycling through the variant set's values (i.e. all of the "model" variants). Similarly, when iterating over primitives or numbers, those are just values filling out the context option values.

To see these values in this case, you could use a Set Variant LOP. Set the prim path to "/model" and variant set name to "model". Then you can use `@VARIANTNAME` set the variant. If you don't want to author the setting of this variant, append a Layer Break after the Set Variant node.

To edit the variants via For Each LOP, you'll also need an Add Variants LOP. You just need to make sure all of your additions/modifications are children of the variant primitive (i.e. "/test" in this case).

This is a workflow we want to improve in future releases. Hopefully this example helps in the meantime.

Cryptomatte metadata problem 2022年12月20日13:47

I haven't heard of this happening with Nuke and Karma... but if no one else chimes in, and you're rendering with Karma, I'd suggest logging a bug through support or the website form [], with an example hip file as well as the .exr