You'll want to use 16.0.537 or greater, as there have been some massive optimizations to rendering with many lights.

Scene files:


  • Taylorgraphic 7 年 前  | 

    Thanks for this, it would be extremely interesting if I could make it work. Is this part two of another tutorial? When I create a pxrDiskLight and a teapot as shown in your initial setup (which is not explained how to create) I do not get an INSTANCE_PTS operator. Still, I learned a lot by viewing the tutorial and I thank you again for it.

    • goldleaf 6 年, 9 ヶ月 前  | 

      I'm sorry I just saw your comment! Glad you were able to learn a bit from the video!

      I'm not sure a pxrDiskLight will work with Mantra, I think those are meant for RenderMan; maybe that's the reason you're having problems? The disk light and teapot were just created via the tab menu at OBJ level. Then I change the light type to 'disk'.

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