Learn to create a series of procedural game ready assets in Houdini. This quirky selection of assets is supplementary to Game Asset Creation Season 02 available on Udemy to create a library of procedural game assets to make varied level / world generation quick and fun. Think of this collection as the 'deleted scenes' of Season 02!

This course assumes a basic understanding of the core Houdini workflow (ideally you would have completed Game Asset Creation with Houdini Season 02 - although not essential). Assets provided include completed Digital Assets and texture maps, and every step is covered in detail.

In combination with my other courses you will have a procedural library of game ready environment assets ready to deploy in Unity with parametric control creating a near infinite variety using Houdini and Houdini Engine.



I am a lecturer in Technical Art at Staffordshire University in the UK, I have been a Houdini user since version 9 and it is my primary tool for game asset creation.

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