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I am a lecturer in Technical Art at Staffordshire University in the UK, I have been a Houdini user since version 9 and it is my primary tool for game asset creation.
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obj-image Beginner
Castle Wall Tool
obj-image Intermediate
Procedural Ivy Generator | Unreal
obj-image Beginner
Rigging with KineFX
obj-image Beginner
Game Character Rigging
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Game Asset Creation
obj-image Intermediate
Game Asset Creation: Procedural Buildings

Recent Forum Posts

Skeleton node fails - Error running event handler 2020年10月22日9:47

Don't wire them together, thats trying to turn your geometry into a skeleton, not what you want!

Follow the guide here: []

Ahhh…That makes perfect sense…derp.

Perhaps this bit in the local docs is a bit misleading in that case…

Thanks for your help.

Skeleton node fails - Error running event handler 2020年10月22日4:34

Hi Houdini hive mind, Can anyone help me with this error?

My most anticipated feature of 18.5 was KineFX but i'm stumbling at the very first step - very frustrating…

I've tried on Houdini Indie (Steam) and Houdini FX (Education) and get the same result on both…

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Many thanks…

Day 20 | Worlds: Space 2020年7月20日6:35

Quick attempt before lunch…