Part A

PDG and TOPs are the major new features of Houdini 17.5. This tutorial will give you a quick overview of whatPDG/TOPs are and how to leverage their power in design centric workflows.

Part B

Ever wanted to have a contact sheet of your design variations? Tired of using third party tools to assemble those? In this tutorial, we'll automate the process of creating contact sheets of your renders using PDG/TOPs.


  • Alfredo _ Brite Bone 1 ヶ月, 1 週間 前  | 

    I follow you perfectly, but you have saved time in "copy parameters" and "paste relative references" in a (FILE SOP) in the end.
    apparently it is a rendering and mantra accelerated.
    thanks, I just started now with PDG : )

  • Alfredo _ Brite Bone 4 週間 前  | 

    I am amazed with your talent Moritz, thank you for teaching such advanced level with so much value.

    I ratify my previous error (with "file cache" I can save video card)
    excuse me and thank you.

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