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Learn how to create a Fence tool using input curves to define the fence inside the Unreal game editor. The output of the fence will use a combination of geometry and instances. The corners are newly created geometry designed to work with different angles.

Project Titanは、Houdini のプロシージャルワークフローを実制作環境でテストするためのインハウス技術デモで、3D 環境の生成に Unreal Engine 5 の最新テクノロジを活用しています。詳しくはこちらをご覧ください。



Simon is a tech Artist that loves building procedural tools and assets. By adding more and more procedural approaches to his workflow, he is able to build 3D models with speed and flexibility. During his studies at Digital Arts and Entertainment, he taught himself how to work with Houdini. After his studies, he started working on Ary and the Secret of Seasons at eXiin. Currently he is a Houdini freelancer and focuses on creating procedural content.

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  • kyanhudson 9 ヶ月, 4 週間 前  | 

    yes! ive been looking forward to this tool. love it.

  • uncleda666 9 ヶ月, 3 週間 前  | 

    I can't understand the chain node

    • KieranLatham 9 ヶ月, 3 週間 前  | 

      Simon gives a good insight into the chain node in this video and provides more detail on how to use it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwnbJIOSjxQ and might help you learn more about it.

      • uncleda666 9 ヶ月, 3 週間 前  | 

        Thank you very much.

  • uncleda666 9 ヶ月, 3 週間 前  | 

    And i use your hda file. Corner could not be generated successfully

  • kanecak 7 ヶ月, 3 週間 前  | 

    Great series of tutorials! Is there any insight on how you would create UE4 simplified collisions (UCX) with a procedural workflow like this?

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