Project Grot is an in-house tech demo designed to showcase the versatility and creativity that procedural generation brings to the world of game development. The focal point of the scene is an ancient cave, illuminated by the fiery glow of molten lava, taking the viewer on a  journey through the depths of an otherworldly realm. 

Project Overview

Level Art


Project Grot explores a pipeline built using tools created in Houdini that were then used in Unreal by layout artists.  This smaller art-directed scene involves both world-building and Realtime FX workflows.







Flesh Webs

Flesh Cluster


Over the next few months, this section will be updated with discussions and tutorials which will explore production techniques used for Project GROT. This will provide a deeper insight into how Houdini and Unreal Engine 5 can work together.

EPC | Lava Terrain Workshop

May. 7, 2024 | Simon Verstraete | Learn all about how to use Houdini's terrain tools to build a volcanic terrain. Discover the art of creating heightfields to craft diverse landscapes, from rolling hills to jagged mountains then learn how to add realistic lava into the terrain. 

EPC | Rock Displacement Workshop

May. 7, 2024Marn Schokker | Learn how to create a rock displacement tool in this beginner friendly workshop. Gain an understanding about the basics of texture based displacement, and how to create a game ready mesh. The rock tool used in Project Grot is broken down and explained in simple terms.

EPC | Ruins 1 | Fracturing Workshop

May. 7, 2024 | Julian Bragagna | Explore procedural modeling techniques in this Houdini workshop crafted for beginners. Learn how to create a procedural ruins generator with an alien twist, diving into the world of Voronoi fracturing. Gain a deeper understanding of techniques to control diverse fracture methods and transform basic Unreal Engine blockouts into intricate and unique structures.

EPC | Ruins 2 | Flesh Workshop

May. 7, 2024 | Julian Bragagna | This session focuses on core fundamentals to create designs similar to those used in Project Grot, with little to no coding required! Learn the tricks behind crafting an organic-looking flesh cluster system, adding a captivating layer of detail to the concrete ruin.


Simon Verstraete
Project Lead / Tech Artist

Project Grot is being developed by a small team, working under a 2 month deadline to create the final 3D environment.

Lea Kronenberger
Lead Artist

Julian Bragagna
Tech Artist

Marn Schokker
Tech Artist

Can Basdogan
Concept Artist