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Dropzone | RealtimeUK

Check out the making of video put together by RealtimeUK to showcase their VFX work for Dropzone.

FXGuide | Kubo and the Two Strings: Water Effects

From the opening minutes of Kubo and the Two Strings, directed by Travis Knight, it's clear that team at LAIKA broke new ground for the company with the vast amount of water effects in the film. That's not to say there hasn't been any water on screen in their previous films, but it was treated as a practical effect and not CGI.

Houdini Roadmap | SIGGRAPH 2016

In this presentation from SIGGRAPH 2016, Robert Magee, Senior Product Marketing Manager at SideFX, introduces the Houdini roadmap, a look into the Houdini of today and the Houdini of tomorrow. To explore this roadmap, Robert takes a look at key areas of Houdini and how they are being developed, then, sneak peeks some of the features you can expect in future releases.

FX Guide | Who you gonna call?

Has anyone ever yelled out 'who you gonna call?' without someone answering 'Ghostbusters'? The iconic comedy from 1984 is such a classic that news of a reboot was met with internet outrage. Yet as the film found an audience, many felt it was great to see a new take and very different version with women in the lead roles.

2016 Houdini Reel

SideFX is proud to present the 2016 Demo Reel featuring the amazing work of Houdini customers worldwide. The shots in this reel are a small sampling of the creativity and hard work performed by the Houdini community of artists. Congratulations to all the artists and studios responsible for these fantastic shots!

SideFX Commits to Education with Dramatically Lower Pricing

SideFX is pleased to announce new lower pricing for Houdini Education to make it more affordable for schools to choose Houdini and its award winning procedural workflow for their curriculum.

Houdini at SIGGRAPH 2016

SideFX is excited to be back at SIGGRAPH for another year of educational and inspiring Houdini-related presentations - by both SideFX technical experts and industry professionals.

Born Digital Japan

SideFX is pleased to announce the beginning of a new relationship with Born Digital, Inc.. Starting July 1, 2016 Born Digital is authorized to sell and support SideFX products, including Houdini ­ the software used to create visual effects, animation and game development tools for the world’s top movies and games.

80LVL | Mastering the Procedural Power of Houdini

An interview with Ahmed Saadi, a freelance VFX Artist originally from Iraq.

FX Guide | Raining Octopuses

After seeing this great new spot, fxguide spoke to Deluxe’s Method Studios Senior VFX Supervisor Benjamin Walsh about how they made it rain octopuses.

FX Guide | Method Studios NY throws Particles-off Dance-off for AICP

Method Studios NY was chosen by production company RSA to create the 2016 sponsor reel for the AICP Show awards which honor work done in commercial productions.

FX Guide | Apocalypse, how?

X-Men: Apocalypse picks up ten years after the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past, with Professor X (James McAvoy), Magneto (Michael Fassbender), and Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) all on very separate paths, until Apocalypse is awakened to find that he does not really enjoy the 1980s. Visual effects were covered by a range of companies and FX Guide spoke to three of them.

Cartoon Brew | X-Men: Apocalypse

How They Made That ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Scene Everyone Is Talking About If there’s one thing in Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse that’s got everybody talking, it’s the mansion rescue sequence that showcases the powers of supersonic mutant, Peter Maximoff (aka Quicksilver) played by Evan Peters.

Substance in Houdini

Today, Allegorithmic is happy to present a Substance plugin for Houdini. With this integration, Houdini can read Substances in the form of .sbsar files, and Houdini users can tap into the power of procedural textures created with Substance Designer.

SideFX Releases Houdini 15.5

SideFX is pleased to announce the release of Houdini 15.5 with an improved workflow for modelers, more accurate crowd controls, a new VR lens camera for rendering to industry-standard formats and support for third party rendering in Houdini Indie.


SHED animation studio and SideFX are co-producing an animated short called "Outside". The worldwide premiere of the teaser launched on Saturday at TAAFI - The teaser was produced in Houdini - including modeling, characters, animation, lighting and rendering in Mantra

Houdini at IndieCade 2015

Learn all about Houdini at IndieCade 2015 with Ben Mears, Games Community Manager at SideFX. He speaks with indie game developer Luis Garcia (Lune) about the development of the game DragonMaze, previews footage from Planet 31 by Adrian Lazar and talks to intern Matt Suarez about a procedural city generator being used in a Sky City VR project.

Houdini Engine for UE4

SideFX is excited to announce the release of Houdini Engine for UE4. This plug-in provides game artists and developers with access to Houdini’s award-winning procedural technology right inside the UE4 editor.

FX Animation | Our Newest Certified School

Side Effects is pleased to announce that FX Animation Barcelona 3D School is the newest member of our certified school program!

Announcing Pluralsight

As of late September 2015, the full Digital-Tutors training library was integrated into Pluralsight, effectively retiring the Digital-Tutors name and brand.

SideFX Releases Houdini 15

Just nine months after artists first got their hands on Houdini 14, SideFX has announced the release of Houdini 15 with onion skinning, new shader building tools, crowd ragdolls and Houdini Engine 2.0.