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Is Houdini a generalist tool or do you need to focus for best results? Feb. 25, 2017, noon

Houdini can be for a ‘generalist’ or ‘need to focus’.

It all depends on what your needs and what you consider “best results”.

Best way is to start a project you want to do.

By doing so you'll start to get an idea of how much time you will have to invest in the process using Houdini vs. considering using other options to accomplish what it is you want to do.

16 is amazing! Feb. 24, 2017, 6:35 p.m.

Could you fill me in on this one? Sounds intriguing…

Ok…simple example..say you create a waveform in Chops…then export that waveform with an export node to drive a transforms ty paramrter - which is controlling a spheres' up and down movement.

You know its being driven by the export node because it turns orange (the transforms ty parameter). Well before you could not drag that ty parameter into the Animation Editor.

Actually you could, but you had to find yourself an unused parameter and do a relative parameter reference, then drop it into the Animation Editor.

Now you can skip that step. Just more convenient.

Copying Chop 'Node' to Object Level Feb. 24, 2017, 12:06 p.m.


Are Chop Networks somehow different when created within a geomtery node than when created at the object level?

There does seem to be a difference between Null nodes ( at least their icons are different ).

I created a Chop network within a geometry node with many added parameters.

I want to be able to copy it to other files at the object level( and to keep this post short, I can't turn it into a digital asset, which it originaly was ).

Everytime I try to do so though ( select/copy chop node only ), when I paste it on the object level it also brings along the geometry node that contains it.

I just want the chop ‘node’.

From what I can tell a chop network node is the same type whether at the object level or within a geometry node.

I'm guessing there is just some ‘linkage’ going on between my chop node and the geometry node.

The functioning of the chop node has no dependancy on the geometry node that I created, other than what Houdini may have done when I first layed down the Chop node inside it.

I could simply re-create the Chop Node at the object level, but if there is something else I could do to break this ‘linkage’, it would save hours of work.

Thanks for any help.