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RHEL/CentoOS and Houdini support Oct. 17, 2018, 4:59 p.m.

Well because of what you've said..which prompted me to do some searching…I was originaly going to give Centos a go, but now I will try Oracle first.

I think I could manage with almost any Linux build…but I'm not wanting to tinker that much at this point when I do run Houdini on it at first; And I want to avoid a ‘bloated’ Linux build too. It's been a long time since I played with Linux distros, but at the time I thought Ubuntu was a bit too ‘bloated’ - ended up working with Zenwalk.

I'll save my tinkering project with something like seeing how mininal I can get with a Linux From Scratch build to run Houdini.

So thanks for the post and recommendation.

quick and dirty wireframe preview - how? Oct. 17, 2018, 1 p.m.

What do you mean?

Setting your viewport to wireframe and just running play does what you say.

Of course you could do a wireframe flipbook, and watch it as it creates the sequence.

RHEL/CentoOS and Houdini support Oct. 17, 2018, 12:46 p.m.

“Of course my intention is not to fight what is better etc. Everyone can freely choose, but I can't agree with you because:”

Yeah mine neither. And my reason for commenting is for some ‘good trolling’, meaning to open up the discussion so others can benefit including myself; As I may have some misconceptions that can be cleared up by people like you with your comments.

It's been a while since I've worked with different Linux distos, and it's like starting over at this point.

But working with Houdini on Windows for the last two years has me convinced that at some point I would benefit from running Houdini on a version of Linux; mainly for getting better use out of the hardware in the area of memory management.

Oracle has nothing to do with Centos. I mean it is derived from RHEL directly by a group of hired developers. So Oracle is free from pure Centos related bugs.

I never said Oracle had anything to do with Centos. You were saying Oracle is 100% compatable with RHEL; but it's not any more ‘compatable’ with RHEL than Centos is; both are derived from the same ‘source’; As much as Oracle is naturally free from Centos bugs(since it's RHEL derived and not Centos derived, Centos could also be free from Oracle bugs, since Centos is RHEL derived and not Oracle. From what I've read Centos appears to aim for duplicating RHEL without the ‘branding’ and removing/replacing elements that might keep it out of the ‘opensource domain’ catagory. Even though Oracle is derived from the same RHEL it's aim appears to be modifying that source for the purpose/s, for one, like you mention to run their own Oracle databases optimialy, and their hardware. Their ‘free’ version doesn't seem to be for the purpose of providing open source option, but rather as a gateway for their paid support subscription. Nothing wrong with that and I am not implying anything underhanded.

I was working on rhel, centos and now oracle and for me centos was always in some way worse. Community is a little bit overestimated. I think it is better to buy the cheapeast rhel subscription and find something in their huge database instead of asking on the centos forums as all this systems are compatible.

In what way was it ‘worse’, simply finding an answer on the forums along with having to resolve too many ‘bug’ issues?

Second thing Oracle runs mostly on many databases and they can test it and harden by their unbrekable kernel. I just wanted to show that there is another option. I don't care if something is driven by community or not. It should work properly.

But for Houdini, whether it runs on a database is irrelevent? As for ‘unbreakable’ kernel; No kernel is unbreakable, but along with what your saying and from what I've been reading, Oracle is very good at quickly and getting on top of bug issues and resolving them.

So thank you for mentioning this other option(Oracle Linux) to give it try,