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Trying to understand bbox terms Aug. 3, 2022, 9:15 a.m.

The bounding box isn't the outer enclosure that encloses the geometry.

It is.

It also considers the empty void between the geometry and the origin?

It doesn't consider the 'void' the way you think. It's not the bounding box itself with the void.

The MIN and MAX values are given in terms of global coordinates.e.g.(with box faces planar to global xyz directions) where is the top face in relationship to global center, where is the bottom face in relationship to global center, etc. This is where you are getting confused.

Put the following in a wrangle set to detail, and look at the detail geometry spreadsheet of the values.

v@Max    = getbbox_max(geoself());
v@Min    = getbbox_min(geoself());
v@Center = getbbox_center(geoself());
v@Size   = getbbox_size(geoself());

f@Max_Size = v@Size.x;
if(v@Size.z > f@Max_Size) v@Max_Size = v@Size.z;
if(v@Size.y > f@Max_Size) v@Max_Size = v@Size.y;

Trouble creating array type attributes Aug. 2, 2022, 8:14 a.m.

There's nothing wrong with your syntax. Probably the issue is the context you are working in.

Circle tangents Aug. 1, 2022, 10:31 a.m.

One of the 'issues' is that you are running over points in your wrangle.

In your common_tangents node you have:

vector point1 = @P;;
vector point2 = (0,"P",1);

Running over points means for your function arguments you will have a list for point1 as scene pt0, and point2 as scene pt1;
But also you will have a list as point1 as scene pt1 and point2 as scene pt1 also, which I don't think is the list you want.

I haven't studied your algorithm for the circle tangents so I don't know if you need two lists of points but if you do, just do the wrangle in detail and create two lists with the function done twice, reversing the point number reference.

As for your lines wrangle, again, haven't studied the algorithm but I suspect you need to do that in detail as well and you seem to still be in the prototype stage with your function as you are using invalid subscripts(e.g. .a,.b,and.c) on floats that you are looking at as if they are float arrays. You are also seemingly only interested in 3 elements(.a,.b,and.c)of the array constructed in the previous wrangle step yet those arrays have more than 3 elements.