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I need someone to punch me in the nose on Solaris. May 22, 2022, 4:04 a.m.

So with scene import. SHould cameras and lights be imported as well. Since primary purpose of Solaris is large scene layout (via USD, ABC, or Arnold StandIn) it stands to reason that lights from OBJ context are ignored , and fresh lights (regardless of render engine)be created. Cameras from matchmove are normally FBX , to be brought in Stage context. For layout USD archives be brought into Stage/LOP , bypassing OBJ context.

I need someone to punch me in the nose on Solaris. May 22, 2022, 3:53 a.m.

The crash was due to improper launch of H19 at facility, to facilitate remote work. H19 py3 was launching, but PRmanRIS24.4 is PY2. H19 py2 has to be launched. H19py3 was launching, becouse lic server (remote) was picking up next available lic (which was PY3)and assigning that to me. Some dark magic on part of IT and now I have H19py2 launching . Facility's standard render engine is Arnold.
Thank you to all who replied. I think complexity in Houdini has gotten out of hand, gone off the rails. Its too much. There is duplication of function in multiple locations, thus workflow is highly inconsistent from facility to facility. Which manifests itself in worst way when trying to pickup existing setups from previous FX TD's.

I need someone to punch me in the nose on Solaris. May 18, 2022, 10:13 a.m.


I need someone to punch me in the nose on Solaris, Stages, and TOPs. I have thus far more or less stayed away from Solaris, Stages, and TOPs. They kind of confuse me, as to how they are suppoused to be used. Start with basics. Are Solaris, Stages and TOPs another version of Houdini separate from 'classic' Houdini with OBJ, ROP, COP, MAT? Or is Solaris workflow is supposed to be used with classic Houdini workflow?
Lets take PRManRIS ROP. In classic Houdini OBJ, all geometry and cameras need to have PRMan attributes. THat is handled by SpareAttr in Renderman24 tab in OBJ context. However I do not see the equivalent tool in Solaris. Importing from Obj context geometry, cameras and PRMAN lights, does work. But as soon as Renderman24 view is enabled , H19 crashes. There is no error message, application just pop quits.

Can an entire scene be done in Solaris , from SOP modeling to DOPs, Materials, and ROPs? Ignoring classic Houdini workflow.

Problem with YT videos is that they don't answer this basic question. THey just hype Solaris and TOPs, but don't explain where it all fits .